As humans, we all do play an integral part in inspiring others and encouraging faith in each other’s lives.

It is easy to say that those people who sacrifice their time in using their abilities/resources etc for the spreading of the gospel are REWARDED by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Despite the fact that this statement is true, it does not mean that we should neglect their sacrifices in trying to make us whole by reaching us with the good news when we need it the most.

This is the reason and the philosophy behind the GAA.

We believe that these people (using their talents/ resources to serve humanity by preaching the gospel) needs to be appreciated and encourage to do more. We believe that the Gospel Academy Awards will be the platform were every Christian irrespective of denomination, can come together to celebrate the Grace in the lives of these people (Musicians, Actors, Philanthropist, Poets, etc) and Praise and Worship God as one body.

The Gospel Academy Awards will be an annual prestigious event that will entail worship and Praise concert, dinner and recognition ceremony.

When the awards are not on-going, we will focus our energy and resources in promoting the art of these people at no cost.

May The Grace of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with us All through this journey. Amen.



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